Delaware Proponents for a e-Democracy and Knowledge-Based economy/Jelly Beans up and Ingenuity Below [my tablet goes 'plop']

Technocratic audit of Artificial Intellect or of a Intellectual Augment in society implies a interdependent function. The emergent system of dual vote (as to I-borg or Wall-e, the difference is neither in function or goal), and its due comission we have a very fair way to approach the adjudication of cognitive status with welfare and politics.

This is a gelatinous bologna. Push a button or go on Reddit and push their button, and see what happens. If you have a connection, something happens. We blame all that machine crap if it's doesn't. So what's it to prove - all this button pushing? If does how human this blog of ever changing content is purveyed. So, who or whom ping? The jelly blogosphere of whom we are an observant kind - which is to say, much akin to our surroundings.


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