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The idea of redefining radicalism holds; however employed. But ethos - being the ingrained habitual beliefs of a culture - are more telling, IMO. Look at the comments and look for hate language if you need proof? The thing we should keep in mind. Rather than hate language would likely be admonishment of guilt. This is certainly a thing lacking proper context. So excluding rhetoric is sharp. But looking at Islam as a venerable place to start is going to be difficult. The ethos and the ethics are intertwined in such a way that there is little change until most people see race as a tool of oppression and religion its counterpart rebuttal. This scenario, of course, implies that the most recent of Abrahamic traditions is the least susceptible to technological progress. Doesn’t this mean defining "progress" to mean a thing done with respect to race; and not without religion or gender, or even platitudes, for fucks sake?!?  If progress is learning from mistakes and moving toward a c

The Gordian Knot – Sweet Talk

One of the key disputes in the continental vs analytic divide in modern philosophy is one of style. German and French philosophers largely follow Hegel’s impenetrable style—or worse, Heidegger’s—while English-speaking philosophers largely follow Bertrand Russell’s approachable prose.

A Spanish Don Quixote

Okay. There is a push for ‪#‎NativePeoplesDay‬ taking over Columbus day. So, there are certain fictions that need to be addresses. Which ones are the sociopolitical ones: gender issues, the historical demagoguery, the anthropomorphised phylogeny? The link below is of the latter group. The former group is for the link previous to In the middle we have a problem. What a national unicorn day would do is help us remember how misconstrued we all are by our consensus!