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Opioid Drugs for Mental Anguish: Basic Research and Clinical Trials

The prescription opioid crisis of overdosing and overprescribing has reached epic proportions, according to the North American media. NB

The AI Analogy is Absurd.

Specifically,the analogy is absurd. The problem is not as much how absurd a situation can arise in ethical technology. There is an expectation on the part of the food to be less sentient in some way that makes their adamance or vehemence a capability exclusive to the diner and not so much to the dinner. Analogously, in the future can we expect people with cleft chins to report to soylent centers? Yet, that is expected by some ghetto youth if this is the soylent center is a prison and the skin is a minority? We may have little recourse but to become radically anti-radical. Thought Experiment. A quantum gel is eventually developed to serve as a nerve impulse router with a coordinating processor. The film is completely transparent and its members, its organs, and its qualia, are caches accessing memory devices and are facilitated by spooky actions enabled by quantum entanglements. This supercomputer would need to have superconductors as a backbone and a CPU which can predict human behavio

Social Media and Grieving

This is a good story about conversion and conversation. It says a bit about the human character to really watch these people and reflect about secular ethics How vast the reaction of consciousnesses such that it extends into human virtues? This is not a case of mythological Trolls [in defense of the soul]. In response i think a kind of social accountability is the ethical matter of the Anonymous group [maybe the Facebook demagoue] and this is somehow designed to identify and improve the grief and suffering of others